Brij Bhoomi Nathdwara

Location: Near, Haldi Ghati Rd, Nichli Oden, Nathdwara, Rajasthan 313301

jüSTa Brij Bhoomi Resort, Nathdwara, built-in eloquent style palatial space that showcases immense grandeur of a traditional Rajasthani Haveli-like charm. The luxury resort in Nathdwara is one of its kind traditional places to stay in the enchanted & spiritually infused city. The resort is strategically located close to the famous Shrinathji Temple. Spreading across the wide area of 5 acres of land, jüSTa Brij Bhoomi Resort, Nathdwara, is a walking distance away from the temple and sitting atop the hill to experience a panoramic view around. Book any of the Deluxe, Premium, and Suite rooms inside the hotel, with each space offering a majestic view of Nathdwara city from its authentic window spaces. This exclusive and luxurious accommodation in the colourful Rajasthan further features an in-house restaurant area to serve authentic delicacies along with an outdoor swimming pool for complete leisure pleasure. Enter the world of magnificent grandeur of Rajasthan palace, like staying at jüSTa Brij Bhoomi, the best luxury hotel in Nathdwara. The resort offers unmatched hospitality, a 24/7 panoramic view of the Banas River and Nandsamand Dam, and a rejoicing player to be in the outside garden area while catching glimpses of hills and sunset. Guests can walk through the majestic alleys of this resort and get astonished to witness the traditional art form and rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Choose your preferred choice of accommodation among 30 luxury rooms and 2 luxury suites. All the rooms are stately and lavishly furnished with exquisite embellishments, traditional artisan crafts, and culturally rich jharokhas to view the magnificent scenery outside. The day can be fun-filled with exotic Rajasthani-style dining at the indoor restaurant, or you can make the most out of the Alfresco sitting area overlooking the hills and greenery. Also, take a refreshing dip in the outside pool while enjoying the view of the beautiful surroundings around.

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