Refunds for hotel bookings are based on the cancellation policies of the respective hotels. Each hotel may have its own refund policy that must be adhered to. Atulya Hotels' service fee is non-refundable in the event of any cancellations.


For train ticket bookings, Atulya Hotels acts as a facilitator using platforms such as IRCTC. All train reservations made through Atulya Hotels are subject to the terms and conditions set by Indian Railways. Atulya Hotels disclaims control over booking flow, scheduling, cancellations, and other aspects of train services. Refunds for train tickets will follow IRCTC's terms and conditions, with deductions for service charges imposed by Atulya Hotels. The booking fee charged for tickets is non-refundable. TOUR PACKAGES In case of cancellation of outbound or inbound tours, including instances of visa rejection, immigration issues, or voluntary cancellation by the customer, cancellation charges will apply as outlined by Atulya Hotels. These charges encompass various components such as flights, hotels, transportation, entrance fees, and guide charges.